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Prevention of Knee Joint Wear in Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome when using Stairs: A Case Report

Pablo Monteiro Pereira, Joana Duarte, João Ferraz, João Santos Baptista, José Torres Costa

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This case report shows how the changes in the way individuals go up and downstairs acts as a tool in preventing the appearance and worsening of the patellofemoral pain syndrome through a clinical case of chronic pain. The main objective of this case study was to apply a change of habit in the act of going up and downstairs, changing the movement dynamics, to decrease the risk of injury and worsening of the patient's patellofemoral pain syndrome. The methodology applied was represented through the standard CARE methodology. This study stresses the importance of identifying disease risk factors and understanding the work environment, in the context of the individual's health, through a change in moving up and downstairs. Conclusion: It was possible to achieve a rapid decrease in the patient's pain and case resolution.


Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Knee pain, Chondromalacia, knee injury 


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